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We develop Opstrace observability distribution in the open and always will. We all come from an open source background and believe that since we depend on so many great Apache-licensed projects, building our code with the same license is the right thing to do. We also believe it is the right business decision and a lot more fun, too.

Code of conduct

We have adopted, follow, and believe in the Contributor Coventant v2. We follow this in all mediums of communication.


Nearly all of our communication takes place in the open in GitHub Issues and PRs.

We recently started a community Slack workspace, but do also monitor GitHub Discussions.

Follow us on Twitter @opstrace. This is probably the best place to keep up with what is happening with Opstrace as we post everything there; its 's kind of like our announcements channel. We also have an email newsletter with a little lower volume because we tend to batch up our messages. We send it out about once per week.


To contribute, fork the project and submit a PR. Or reach out to us in Slack if you want some pointers about what to work on first. To get set up, check out dev environment and dev workflows in our documentation.


Opstrace is only possible because of a lot of great open source projects. These represent countless person-years of time and investment, so we want to take the time to recognize the main ones* that we use:

* At last count we pull in just under 10K dependencies