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GCP project configuration

Note: For a detailed walk-through showing how to set up a fresh GCP project for Opstrace, please try our corresponding admin guide.

Required services (APIs)

Creating an Opstrace instance in a GCP project requires the following APIs to be enabled in that project:

  • Cloud DNS API
  • Compute Engine API
  • Kubernetes Engine API
  • Cloud SQL Admin API
  • Service Networking API
  • Cloud Resource Manager API

We try to keep this list up to date—if in doubt, please reach out in our community!

Required service account permissions

Creating an Opstrace instance in a GCP project requires a service account. That service account must have certain security roles applied in the GCP project:

  • roles/compute.networkAdmin
  • roles/container.admin
  • roles/editor
  • roles/iam.securityAdmin

If you would like to know which individual permissions are implied by any of these roles, please search for that role (e.g. roles/container.admin) on the GCP IAM permissions reference page.

Note: we didn't quite arrive at fulfilling the principle of least privilege here—this is an ongoing effort. If you have specific ideas for reducing the set of privileges required, please open an issue!