Opstrace is Open Source

We never mark up the cost of storage—you pay your cloud vendor directly. You can pay for an Opstrace subscription with additional features and support. With the managed subscription we operate it entirely for you.

Secure-by-default, horizontally-scalable

$0/user /mo

What's included

  • Authenticated endpoints + TLS by default
  • Horizontally-scalable
  • Fast to install, simple to upgrade

Additional features

$19/user /mo

What's included

  • Advanced security and compliance features
  • Configurable single-sign-on options
  • Customizable domain name
  • 24x7 support (email & chat)

Fully managed for you, in your account

$99/user /mo

What's included

  • SaaS-style operated remotely in your own network
  • Opstrace on-call for you
  • Private Slack channel with Opstrace

Why opstrace?

Why choose Opstrace over a SaaS or building my own?

Services like Datadog charge you by the volume of data and since you have to send your data out of your network to them, you lose control of it. Solving this problem is non-trivial—it requires you build your own observability stack with open source tools, but you'll either need a dedicated team or someone part time—either way those are resources that could be focused on your product. Opstrace bridges that gap. Read more here.

What’s included in Opstrace?

Our installer runs as a CLI to use your cloud credentials to provision and configure a horizontally-scalable Opstrace cluster in your cloud account. After installation, internal components manage the ongoing lifecycle, repairing and updating components as needed. Check out our repo on GitHub to learn more.

What will future versions include?

Your needs go well beyond just storing metrics and logs. You want to be able to analyze them, collaborate with your teammates using them, and have all the accompanying tools (such as synthetic monitoring) to round out a complete platform. And, of course, you want tracing data. We are in the process of building a powerful, new, collaborative user experience and related tools. Keep up with us on our public roadmap, or sign up for our newsletter for updates.