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Service Level Agreement

Last updated: March 22, 2021

This Service Level Agreement governs Customer’s use of the Software during the Subscription Period, and unless otherwise provided herein, is subject to the provisions of the Terms. Unless otherwise expressly defined below, the capitalized terms used herein have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms. If a capitalized term is not defined or has a meaning ascribed to it in the context in which it is used, the capitalized term will have the industry-standard meaning.

  1. Support Service Levels. During the Subscription Period, and subject to the SLA Exclusions, Opstrace will provide Customer the following support services (“Support Services”) with respect to the applicable Software:

    1.1 Email Support. Opstrace will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Authorized Users with access to Opstrace’s customer support personnel via Opstrace’s support email alias, Slack, and Intercom, to assist such Authorized Users with general support Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm PST, excluding holidays scheduled by Opstrace. Opstrace will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide such Authorized Users with an initial response within 24 business hours from the time of the applicable Authorized User’s support request and, if applicable, a solution, workaround, patch, or tracked issue number within a reasonable period of time following Opstrace’s receipt of Customer’s support request, as reasonably determined by Opstrace based on, among other things, the nature and complexity of the error and its effect on the Software’s useability.

  2. Support Limitations. Opstrace’s obligation to provide Support Services applies only to the most recent Software builds. If Opstrace agrees to remedy any errors or problems not covered by the terms of this Service Level Agreement, Opstrace may perform such work after receiving Customer’s instruction to proceed at Opstrace’s then-current standard rates.

  3. SLA Exclusions. The Service Level Agreement does not apply to any Support Services request caused by any of the following (each, an “SLA Exclusion”):

    (a) A suspension or termination of the Agreement by either party in accordance with the Agreement;

    (b) A Force Majeure Event;

    (c) Customer’s or a third party’s misuse or improper use of the Software;

    (d) Customer’s or a third party’s modification or removal of the Software, in whole or in part;

    (e) Customer’s failure to implement any Maintenance Releases; or

    (f) The equipment, software, or other technology of Customer, or third-party provider of Opstrace (other than third-party equipment within Opstrace’s direct control).