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  1. data on kubernetes community day carricature


    Data on Kubernetes Community Day

    On Monday, we’ll be part of the Data on Kubernetes KubeCon Co-located Event talking about Why we need an Open Source Observability Distribution.

    Check it out and register today

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    Behind the Code - AMA session with Sébastien Pahl

    Behind The Code, AMA session with Sébastien Pahl (a rough transcript from Clubhouse).

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  4. logo from software engineering daily


    AMA session on Software Engineering Daily

    Our co-founder and CEO, Seb, sat down with Jeff to talk about how our open source platform makes it easy for anyone to scale their metrics and log collection: Read the full article on Software Engineering Daily

  5. Sébastian Pahl featured on Data on Kubernetes


    Data on Kubernetes Meetup

    This past week @sebp was the featured speaker at the Data on Kubernetes Meetup. The video is now available on YouTube. Don’t miss the traditional post-meetup rap from Bart Farrell.