Dec 14 | 3 min read

Opstrace is joining GitLab!

portrait of Sébastien Pahl

Sébastien Pahl

Co-founder and CEO

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Mat Appelman


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Opstrace has been acquired by GitLab

Our team and technology are joining GitLab, Inc., to create the first integrated observability solution within a DevOps Platform and continue to make open source observability easy and accessible to everyone. You can read more about it here:

GitLab has been an inspiration for us from the beginning. Their commitment to open source and remote work culture showed that when done right, one can build an impactful product, providing simple and easy-to-use solutions for everyone while being transparent. We have similar visions for the observability space, so it was only natural for us to start talking with them along our journey ( Over time, we realized that we had even more in common than we thought and started envisioning what kind of great products we could build together.

With this acquisition, GitLab will focus on the developer experience and will endeavor to offer robust monitoring and observability capabilities that will help better enable organizations to lower incident rates, increase developer productivity and lower mean-time-to-resolution with a zero-configuration observability solution built into the GitLab DevOps Platform. Once the Opstrace functionality is integrated into the GitLab Monitor stage, we believe it will create a better developer experience and drive positive business outcomes with anticipated functionality including: Guided instrumentation of application code Insights into recent performance degradations while making performance improvements Performance feedback from review environments in merge requests Automatic roll-back of deployments Rapid exploration and triaging of incidents when they occur

Once integrated, Opstrace will be available (turned on by default) for both GitLab SaaS and Self-Managed users. It will also remain available as a standalone distribution that users can install themselves.

You can read more about it and discuss the integration further via the GitLab forum:

Thank you very much to our community and first users, you have been essential to get Opstrace to this point and we have had amazing discussions with you. We look forward to continuing to build and improve this open source distribution to help make it easier for you to monitor your infrastructure.

We are very excited to continue our journey by joining the GitLab team and bringing our vision to fruition. Much more to come soon!

Seb & Mat Co-founders