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Update #6

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Chris Lambert

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Catch up on recently shipped code, and what we have coming

Hello community!

Here is our ~bi-weekly update, summarizing all of the exciting stuff going on. Following up on the heels of our new UI announcement, we have a lot of features that we’ve shipped that we’d like to share with you. Throughout you’ll see how we’ve taken work that today is toilsome and made it visible and easy to use. You will also see hints of future work to go further with automation and scale. There’s a lot being being delivered and a lot coming, so stay tuned.



We announced our integrations catalog along with the new UI. Next, we’ve moved our API-only collectors over to the UI to make it easier to collect data from your cloud provider.

Viewing all of the rings

You can see the Kubernetes integration in action in the video linked below in the “media” section.

Ring Health UI

Yesterday we announced a view in the UI that centralizes the critical Cortex and Loki ring information. We also provide the “forget” buttons so you can take action if needed. Check out some short GIFs on our blog: https://opstrace.com/blog/introducing-ring-health-ui

Simplified low-level day-to-day operations

Cortex runtime configuration

Cortex supports runtime config updates, and now updating them—for example certain rate limits for an individual tenant—is just a button click away.

Note: Loki config updates should be supported next week.

Secure, dynamic tenant creation

We now leverage the primitives provided by Cortex and Loki to dynamically provision tenants with secure API endpoints, TLS certificates, and standalone Grafana dashboards.

Open Source


If you’re following our GitHub repo you may have noticed that we recently published our first two official releases. We have canonical links to the latest binaries to make it super easy for you to stay up-to-date, for example: go.opstrace.com/cli-latest-release-macos.

Announcing the Cortex Operator for Kubernetes

We’ve open sourced a Kubernetes operator for Cortex. If you are using Cortex, or thinking about it, take a look. We opened this very early so you can follow progress and contribute. We plan to invest in this as the workhorse for automating the operations for Cortex.


We put together a video to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to install Opstrace in your own cloud account and collect Kubernetes metrics in ~1 minute. (Your total time should be somewhere between 30-60 mins.)

Check out our good friends over at o11y.news for useful, succinct updates on the world of observability. We enjoy the content and think you might, too.


Scale testing

We’re currently working on some significant scale testing in conjunction with one of our larger users. The numbers are pretty big and the early results are very promising so it should make for a fun blog post in the next week or so.