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Update #7

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Catch up on recently shipped code, and what we have coming

Hello community!

Grafana 8—announced last week at GrafanaCon—is now on our main branch, including rules and alerting for both Cortex and Loki (yes, you can now alert on your logs too!). There’s a lot of great stuff in there, and we’re planning to release it as soon as possible. Give it a try and let us know how it goes in our community channels.

overview of Opstrace alerts in Grafana 8

We’ve also added a page in the Opstrace UI to quickly link to everything alert-related.

overivew of everything alert-related in one place

In case you missed it, we started some significant scale testing efforts, with our initial findings published on our blog. (We tested 200M active series, with a beefy Opstrace instance using 18 ingesters. If you’d like to replicate our findings and run into any trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out—we’d love to help you and compare notes.

scale test reaching 200m active series

In our most recent blog post we announced our latest integrations with the three big cloud providers, AWS, GCP and Azure. These allow you to ingest and then query/alert on metrics from parts of your stack that you may be overlooking. For example, if you’re using ELB and RDS on AWS, then these services are critical components that you need visibility into. Opstrace makes it easy to get started collecting these.

Last but certainly not least, on the end-to-end testing front, we’ve done a ton of work on browser testing, including starting multi-browser tests. We also fixed a small bug that was preventing Safari from working. Browse on.