Apr 16 | 2 min read

Update #4

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Chris Lambert

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Catch up on recently shipped code, and what we have coming

Media Content

Check us out at GitLab’s #EveryoneCanContribute cafe, talking about how Opstrace works in detail, and doing a (flawless) live demo.

Behind The Code, AMA session with Sébastien Pahl (a rough transcript from Clubhouse).

What shipped

Users can now set up Exporters in the UI after loading their credentials, not just via the API. (#566)


The Prometheus Blackbox exporter is now supported via the Exporter API. See a configuration example in the Opstrace Config API README. User guide coming soon. (#550)

Additional validation for exporter and credential names, to avoid issues with Kubernetes object naming. (#555)

CI Integration tests for alerts. (#547)

A community page on our website that captures how we think about the importance of open source communities, some of the projects we love to use, and how you can join in if you’d like: opstrace.com/community.

What's coming

We are working on a blog post about the importance of histograms, and how to effectively use them with Grafana. We use these heavily on our Cortex and Loki dashboards. Have you ever used Grafana histograms? If you want to chat about this post before it goes out, join us in our community channels.